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April 14 2016: The variables, sea ice thickness, sea ice concentration, snow depth, and near-surface wind speed, are now available on the CMIP5 Graphics and Tables page and CMIP5 Gridded Data page. In addition, the Climate Data and Scenarios for Canada Report is now available online.

February 12 2016: Please be advised that the Table of Projected Changes for June-August has been updated (specifically for precipitation, RCP 8.5, 75th percentile). We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Welcome to the Canadian Climate Data and Scenarios (CCDS) site. The CCDS is an interface for distributing climate change information. Learn more about CCDS.

The goals of CCDS are to:

  • Support climate change impact and adaptation research in Canada and other countries;
  • Support stakeholders requiring scenario information for decision making and policy development;
  • Provide access to Canadian research on the development of scenarios and adaptation research.